I decided to become a counselor after my own treatment for breast cancer. I was a 37-year-old, newly divorced, single mom of three young children when I was diagnosed.  I have no family history of breast cancer, and lead a “healthy” lifestyle. Cancer was not supposed to happen to me, and yet, it did.  

I underwent chemotherapy, multiple surgeries, and radiation. At every stop, I was the youngest person in the waiting room.  A cancer diagnosis is like a bomb going off for most people, and for their families.  I began to understand that being a young cancer patient was a unique experience.  People in their 30’s are not supposed to be concerned with their own death, or going through menopause. 

When I was a few years out from treatment, I decided to become a counselor so that I could work with cancer patients.  I was seeing a counselor who was also a cancer patient, and I saw how valuable it is to have someone in my life who can relate on an existential level to what I was going through.  I wrote most of my graduate school papers from the lens of a cancer patient, using studies about the mental health of cancer patients.  

Now, a part of my private practice is working with cancer patients and caregivers, as well as clients with other chronic illnesses. Many cancer survivors live with chronic illnesses and/or chronic pain caused by cancer treatments. My studies also led to me becoming a sex therapist, because cancer and other chronic illnesses can affect our sexuality, and we all deserve to experience embodied pleasure.  

Recently, I’ve added ketamine-assisted psychotherapy to my practice.  Psychedelic therapy has added another layer of healing for people such as myself who have lived/are living through a major life-threatening illness.

If you are a cancer survivor, or someone living with a chronic illness, please contact me for a consultation to see if we are a good fit to work together.  We did not come here just to suffer and then die!