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Therapy for adults who want less suffering and more pleasure in their lives

Serving Texas, Colorado and Vermont

There is something in you telling you that life must surely be more than this.

You’re grateful for what you have, AND the responsibilities of being an adult living in a time of uncertainty and unrest can cause distress.

    • You may feel depressed, traumatized, dissociated, angry, resentful, and anxious, and sometimes you feel all that by noon on the same day!  
    • You may dislike your body.
    • You may stop having sex (even with yourself) or have other sexual issues.
    • You find yourself arguing with your partner(s), your kids, your parents, or yourself.

There is a spark inside of you calling to you.

You can have more harmony. Buried in there, deep down, is the strength you need.  You may not see it yet, but I know it’s there. And I would love the chance to help you find it.     

The work we do together can help you experience pleasure and harmony, and feel energized to stand up for yourself and others who need you. Pleasure is your birthright.

Brandie Sellers

Let’s work together

  • Schedule an appointment – let’s meet virtually so I can hear you! I think empowerment to change starts with feeling heard.
  • In sessions we will make sense of how you got to where you are and decide how you want to move forward.  I’ll support you while you experiment with changes. 
  • You’re in charge. Our work is collaborative. I’m a mental health expert, but you are the expert in you!

I help my clients discover and remove obstacles to living the lives they want by utilizing an authentic, integrated therapy approach.

My clients are adults struggling with sexual issues,* poor body image, stress, deconstruction from religion, cancer, sexual assault, and/or life transitions such as young adulthood and menopause. Each person is unique, so I work with each client to create a custom treatment plan to fit their goals.

*libido, sexual identity, out-of-control sexual behavior, desire discrepancy in relationship, and pelvic pain

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